RE: All things marketing, advertising and communicative.

Why? Because that’s what pays the bills.

And although some people out there think that marketing, advertising and general branding is the handiwork of Satan Himself, I disagree.

In fact, we get a lot of the cool and important stuff in life, gratis, or at least a lot cheaper, thanks to advertising. TV is a big, obvious one, sure. And even quasi “public” works, like parades, parks and promenades are often “sponsored” by corporations (better them than my tax dollars, imho). But Teh Internets is the biggest one.

Think about it… you wouldn’t even be able to use Google without advertising. YouTube. MySpace. CNN. You name it. We would do about 1/1000 of the “surfing” we do now if there was no advertising on the web, and that we would have to pay for.

That said, I certainly think there’s way too much BAD advertising out there. And as an “Advertising and Marketing Professional” I guarantee you that ads, especially bad ones, annoy the fuck out of me WAY more than they do you. Bad ads are just bad manners, in color. And because of that, I make it my aim to make every piece of communication I craft the most un-annoying it can possibly be. Or, if I get lucky, actually thought-provoking and enjoyable.

Because even though Brand  X is kind enough to “bring you” that TV show, that public promenade, or that web site, it’s incumbent upon them to be somewhat elegant, or thoughtful about doing it.